Counseling and Mentoring

Coming across children who are traumatized is a common scenario.
Street children are victims of constant verbal, physical and sexual abuse. Born to drug addicts and abusive alcoholic parents , they are prey not only to verbal abuses but also physical beating at home, community fights, etc.
Most children have never had a planned childhood . Neither have they ever had any  role-models to look upto or elders to guide them.
Having been born on the streets, they lack the love and care from their own families .
Their behavioural responses have entirely been over shadowed with fear, vices, insecurity and aimlessness in life. Getting them to open up, talk, or express their own emotions and feelings require a compassionate and humane approach. The teachers proactively step in their shoe , and deal with them with loving understanding and compassion.
Very often we have qualified counsellors brought in to build rapport with children and address their psychological needs. A referral system is in place through which children facing any kind of emotional or psychological difficulties are referred to the counsellors by their peers or teachers, these cases are followed up through comprehensive clinical and psychological assessments.  We often help them deal with deep inner trauma and depression, through specialised therapies and healing modules.
Often our own in-house, teachers double up as counsellors & mentors.
Some times volunteers, who are professionals in different domains, come forward to counsel children, and help them in their holistic and overall growth.
Our objective is, to develop a healthy and positive mind-frame, that drives them towards serving the nation in their own best capacities.
At Spread a Smile India, we work at the overall development of the child, right from their tender years. Through our counselling and mentoring sessions, we work with each life as a journey in itself, and with unconditional love and nurturing, our team personally knits with care and support every aspect of his / her growth, creating a sense of compatibility in them to interact with their siblings and friends and to eventually become a support system for their parents .