Plugging the ‘Little Ones’ to Mainstream education is our core objective , hence we prepare each child for enrolment at the schools and do everything its takes to create a system to support their formal schooling through ‘Pre & Post’ school programs & activities.
At our Spread A Smile India center , we create the environment of an extended family to help the children find purpose in their lives. A primary objective of the organisation is to foster a rudimentary knowledge of academics to allow the children to enrol in mainstream public schools. To this end, we hold workshops for the parents to teach them the benefits of an education and to disregard the prospect of a child marriage.
To this day, they have enlisted over 587 children into schools across the city, and worked with over 1000 families.
We also aim to empower the children with their rights against abuse and hold routine workshops to impart healthy and sanitary habits.   
Though education is the main goal, but, in initial stages, the children are not pushed to read the ABCs, instead, they are introduced and engaged to activities at our centre that would teach them relevant life lessons which would invoke interest in learning and pave way for formal education journey.
The next step, then is to enrol the children into formal schools. The street children need to ‘fit’ into the mainstream school sessions, and gel with peers at school , so that they can attend regular classes as the other children.
To help the child make this transition into school smooth, we provide continued support to the street child, where as he attends the center for scheduled remedial classes that are conducted at the centre 6 days a week.
This not only helps them adjust but also keeps them in safe space i.e. away from the physical  and psychological dangers looming on the streets.