“Meeting the people with zeal and a never die spirit is reason behind my optimism,” says Mrs. Sangita.
There are millions of children who are forced to live in hazardous conditions on India’s streets by the compulsion of poverty and hunger. This, despite the fact that India, along with 192 UN member states had committed to achieve sustainable development by 2030, that entitles every child to a decent living standard. If street children don’t even get their basic rights related to nutrition, education and sanitation that would be really unfair.

Getting associated with a small effort in the direction to begin with. It needs to field-connect and become diversified systematically with a well conducted work and a structured routine. Good intentions, positive energies and endearing hearts make all the difference. Spread a Smile India salutes the spirit of those philanthropists and is committed to bring in transformation and reform. Ultimately, somewhere it has to start. Spread a Smile India is way highly emotive and a well articulated journey.
You too can be part of bringing in the change.

This is all about placing trust, belief and faith in the humanity. It is all about the unrelenting optimism of the will and a commitment in the higher scheme of things.

Following are the immediate requirments of the centre kids. In case, you want sponsor please write to us at


List of Items Presently Required No.
Number of School bags 50
Number of School books 30 Students
Number of School dresses 100
Number of Pair of School Shoes 50
Your time, willingness and involvement shall make all the difference.

Our Activities

It all started with providing basic amenities like food, clothes and shelter to 10 kids from the local area by Ms Sangita.Today, the Trust works with approximately 230 street children who are between 4 to 17 years and are being rehabilitated to fit in the mainstream.


Spread a Smile India engages Doctors to conduct regular medical check-ups of the children. The Trust funds the holistic health management of the children.

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Every street child must get a chance to be in school. India continues to have the largest number of street children in the world, as the UNICEF statistics indicate.

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The only way to take them off streets is to put them in shelters and schools and of course to see to it that they get to be served one hot meal a day.

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Our trained counselors and mentors make the subjects feel protected, cherished and confident about themselves.

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