Living in poor sanitary conditions and a low hygiene surroundings, street children are regularly exposed to various infections, diseases & viruses.
They require intensive and comprehensive healthcare, for their situations are very different from ordinary, often having complex or multiple health issues.
We often come across malnourished children who have not bathed for days, weeks and even months , suffering from skin infections, allergies and tuberculosis.
Spread A Smile India organises regular medical health camps for Eyes, Dental, General care, Psychological and De-addiction counselling etc to ensure holistic health and growth of each and every child.
For the street children, the traffic signals are a place they call home, their unrestricted movement across the roads is their freedom, which is one of our biggest concerns, as these children often get run over by moving cars.
Also children are constantly exposed to physical abuse from alcoholic parents, drug abuse, forced or compelled prostitution, community fights, etc.
Because of the acute / severe nature of the issues, intensive and expert healthcare is needed, hence regular medical camps are organised through tie-ups with reputed doctors and health experts from hospitals like Gangaram, Max, etc ensuring the best treatment for the children.
Real Life Cases / Accidents :
Kaali : was run over, she had internal bleeding and vaginal rupture
Ramjaani : broke his leg, in a road accident, his surgery was done successfully and he can run and do all activities now.
Durga : a truck driver crushed his leg, while reversing his truck and fled from the site. We managed to save him and his leg in time.
Mithun : went through an intensive surgery and now has an iron rod in his leg , we managed to save it from being amputated. but we managed
Ganga: is being addressed currently, she lost one eye because at a young age due to negligence on part of her mother , (a scissor hurt her eye) , doctors have advised her eye surgery for the eyes that she can see from, to avoid getting completely blind.
Mumtaz: negligence from the mother when Mumtaz was 2 years old , has grown up without sensation in his half cut fingers. We were able to get his surgery done 2 years back and restore the sensation back in his fingers.
Debu : sitting on the back of the bike , met with a very severe accident where his ankle had been crushed completely and doctors almost gave up on him , we thought we would never walk. Today Debu is on his feet , and back to work .