The only way to take them off streets is to put them in shelters and schools and to provide with nutritious meals everyday, ensuring their overall well-being.†
The life for the kids on the streets, is not only deprived of maternal love, but even the basic meals. A street child doesnít know where his next morsel would come from and finds it difficult to grasp when he discovers that regular three meals are a must.†
Almost every child from the street community is deprived of their requirement of meals each day; they are often asked or compelled to beg for money to get food; most which is often devoid of minimum daily nutritious values a child must receive to ensure healthy well being and preventing malnutrition.†
At the centre, each day, all the kids are served with nutritionally balanced and hygienically prepared hot and fresh cooked meals; additional servings of fruits and milk, are also served periodically.
It has been observed that children often beg to buy their favourite food like Pizzas, Burgers etc, hence the centre regularly arranges for or cooks their favourite food items as well. Many volunteers too often bring or sponsor meals for them.