Street Children Rehabilitation

Nurturing the Siblings Of Destiny, taking them off the streets.
What the little children dream in the Present defines the future of the nation, hence we, have embarked on a progressive and perpetual journey, to transform their lives, in the present, so they can script a better future for our nation.
Through an inclusive approach, we have knitted an environment, conducive of a loving upbringing, that plugs them to mainstream education and invokes a beautiful positive mind-frame, that drives them towards serving the nation in their own best capacities.
For us, the term rehabilitation isn’t enough, for it takes complete nurturing with unconditional love and affection, right from their tender years when we first get in touch with their parents, each life is a journey in itself, that is personally knit with care and support in every front, every aspect, be it becoming friends with their siblings to becoming a support centre to their parents to facilitating education to re-shaping the personalities of each member connected to imparting key life skills from basics and updates on hygiene and healthcare to vocational trainings, counselling & mentoring workshops, that enables them to develop ability to support the little children.
Each nurtured child, slowly develops wings and begins acquiring the ability to take a flight of his/her on dreams...some want to be a teacher, some look at doctors and wish to serve, some, upon looking at us serving and giving unconditionally express their vision to becomes givers to the society. Once a child’s mind-frame is reformatted to fit into mainstream, we have them enrolled into the schools and provide them supportive after- school tuitions at our centre, alongside providing daily meals, stationary and other facilities to support their academic growth.
For the Grown Ups – Street Children above 18
Amongst the street communities, many many many have not had the fortune to ever attend school, for various shackles of the slum community and begging vicious circle. Our organisation works closely with such kids with required mentoring, vocational and life skills training and workshops, so they can plug into the dynamic working environments.
For the training and employments our ongoing projects like SASI Candles, SASI Kitchen, SASI Tailoring, SASI Artworks and similar upcoming in the pipeline, ensure that no kid is left out irrespective of how diverse the situations may be.