There are millions of children who are forced to live in hazardous conditions on Indiaís streets by the compulsion of poverty and hunger. This, despite the fact that India, along with 192 UN member states had committed to achieve sustainable development by 2030, that entitles every child to a decent living standard. If street children donít even get their basic rights related to nutrition, education and sanitation, that would be really unfair. Give them dignity, not alms.
Think of celebrating the special days of your life with kids, spare few hours to interact with them, teach them. You can drop by to see how a typical day unfolds at the Munirika Centre. No days are quieter, some are rather crazier. You may be the witness to the foundation of life being laid by quiet and unrelenting effort of our team led by Mrs. Sangita.The small joys of life multiply with simplicity and thoughtfulness. A lot needs to get done and more we do it together, more it shall be world to someone. And we are sure, there are possibilities we can explore together.

Be our Part, Walk With us.