OUR Team

Working for a cause requires a right combination of heart and a constant urge to touch lives.This is easily said than done. At Spread a Smile India, we are proud to have team that puts faith in the vision and mission of organisation.Their affection for the vocation and bonding with the kids makes a huge difference. These are the young people we lay our hope in as they show path to many that end of the day this matters, to dream and aspire for the betterment of society.


Maddy is the eldest brother to the kids. He has been with the Centre from the day of its inception.He looks after the Centre children , counsels the parents for sending their kids to school. He is there for the children at the break of the dawn helping them getting ready for school, drops and picks them up back from Arya Samaj School & Indian Airlines Colony. Maddy is instrumental to meaningful liaison between parents of street children and the school administration. He as well works as an instructor and supervisor of the candle making vocational training unit at the Centre.

Neetu Kanojiya

She is the senior most teacher in the Centre almost having completed fourteen years working with children in her care. She teaches all the subjects to the children of grade six and above, assists Maddy with coordination, counsels the parents for sending their kids to school. Facilitates dialogue between parents of street children and the school.Coordinates with schools for admission of Centre children. Supervises all work related to kitchen and baking group (Vocational).Her energy is commendable.

Anita Kaushik

Teaches all subjects to children of grade six and above through using various innovative teaching methods. She encourages the students to excel and motivates them to aim still higher in academics.


Nagendra Singh

Teaches most of the subjects to children of grade three to five. He extends counseling to the parents of the street kids to send them to schools.At present, looking after the work related to operations of the Centre falls in his purview. His responsibilities include supervision of the training related to making of gift bags and Croatia being learnt by women at the Centre.

Ajmeri and Sangeeta Pandey

Ajmeri & Sangeeta Pandey divide between them all the work related to cooking for children. They manage heavy cleaning duties such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls and glasses, removing rubbish, dusting furniture, doors, and cupboards. They also keep hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness of the kitchen under check.


Aslam helps keeping the premise clean and orderly. He is the Man Friday of the Centre.



Jayanthi assists Ajmeri and Sangeeta in kitchen and in the smooth functioning of premises.

Our Activities

It all started with providing basic amenities like food, clothes and shelter to 10 kids from the local area by Ms Sangita.Today, the Trust works with approximately 230 street children who are between 4 to 17 years and are being rehabilitated to fit in the mainstream.


Spread a Smile India engages Doctors to conduct regular medical check-ups of the children. The Trust funds the holistic health management of the children.

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Every street child must get a chance to be in school. India continues to have the largest number of street children in the world, as the UNICEF statistics indicate.

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The only way to take them off streets is to put them in shelters and schools and of course to see to it that they get to be served one hot meal a day.

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Our trained counselors and mentors make the subjects feel protected, cherished and confident about themselves.

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There shall always be people around, when you lead them


There are millions of children who are forced to live in hazardous conditions on India's streets by the compulsion of poverty and hunger. Spread a Smile India is committed to give these kids dignity and a respectable vocation and is grateful to our partners and sponsors who are contributing towords the realisation of the vision and mission of Spread a Smile India.