Women Empowerment

In midst of the ‘Basti’ Communities, women can turn out to be both, the crucial binding force and the inspirational power house in each slum-house. Thus, empowering them, is critical to fortifying the overall efforts on all other fronts, to meet the objective of upliftment of the street community in the long perspective as well as to maintain consistency in progression.
Each empowered women, not only elevates the whole family, but also potentially becomes an inspirational & motivational figure for others in the community, touching every life that is noticing her personality advancements in terms of financial prosperity, overall well being and evolution; breaking the shackles of the slum community.
Through education and knowledge about healthcare, food and nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, and with ample vocational training she ensures that her family members, her kids, siblings, and others around her, lead a decent, healthy life.
In 2015, Spread a Smile India initiated Women Empowerment centre, through which, the women are carving a new identity for themselves. With great love and support we are relentlessly working towards inducing Self Respect, Confidence, Financial and Social Independence amongst the basti women, who are otherwise vulnerable to fall prey to domestic violence and high levels of discrimination from their family and community.
Through our myriad of projects stated, Spread A Smile India is covering the following aspects

  • Women Education
  • On the academics front, we prepare them to clear Govt. Of India Accredited, NIOS(National institute for open school) Exams. The woman are provided required coaching through classes at our centre.

  • Women Vocational Training and Employment
  • Providing Women with training and working platforms through various projects, which has enabled us to help them earn a respectful living to support their children and families.
    Our Current & Ongoing Projects are :
    a) Kitchen Training Project: Teaching women basic skills in cooking and baking.
    b) SASI Tailoring Unit: Tailoring, Crochet, Dog Toys, Masks, Pouches, Aprons.
    c) SASI Candle Project: Learning the skill of making handmade candles.
    d) SASI Gift Bags Project: Making and decorating paper gift bags and envelopes.
    These projects not only enables them to produce sellable items, but also takes responsibility and the task of marketing and selling their produce to respective markets and fetch decent returns for them on an ongoing basis.

  • Counselling and Mentoring Workshops.
  • a) Domestic Violence : counselling and mentoring against abuse from their husbands
    b) Educational Awareness Workshops: Counselling to spread awareness about importance of education and sending their children to school.
    c) Hygiene and Sanitation: Imparting basics and updates on best practices on maintaining personal as as well as family hygiene & sanitation at home.